Jarrah Face Mask

Honey at first can seem like an odd thing to be putting on your face but due to it’s array of beneficial properties it can be helpful for a range of skin problems.

Jarrah honey is a high antibacterial, antimicrobial and antioxidant product and contains natural hydrogen peroxide which not only makes it good for acne but for scarring. The anti-inflammatory and antibacterials properties in the honey fight against bacteria while relieving redness and any irritation. The hydrogen peroxide helps to fade the scars. The antioxidants and enzymes in the honey also help to keep the skin hydrated.

We recommend applying the honey to a dry face using a paddle pop stick or your hands (if you don’t mind the stickiness). You can leave the mask on for as long as you feel comfortable – around 15 minutes would be a good time but there’s not harm in having it on for longer. With some warm water you can easily take the honey off, massaging it into the face half a minute before removing it can help to exfoliate the skin too.