Our Story

One hive – that was all it took to get The 3 Bees founder Aris  hooked on organic, raw honey.

From such a simple beginning Aris had a hobby that started from having 1 hive at home and loving the different tastes of fresh honey from a hive. Himself and his daughter doing farmers markets on the weekends to now having honey loving people in the team has allowed the3bees to be able to share the love of raw unique honeys around Melbourne suburbs. 

Aris built a sustainable local smallbusiness with a commitment to providing top quality unheated, single origin, Raw honey in environmentally friendly glass jars. With nearly two decades of experience as a beekeeper, Aris has become one of the foremost authorities in Victoria on the health benefits of raw honey and the sheer breadth of natural flavours afforded by our state’s singular biodiversity.

Our wide range of honeys are sourced from Aris’ own hives planted all over Victoria and working closely with other local beekeepers to provide unique honeys that you don’t see in the supermarkets. Australia has over 24,000 species of plants and we aim to capture this enormous botanical breadth in our products. Ranging from hives in the Little Desert to backyard bees in suburban Melbourne, each honey from The 3 Bees has a unique, captivating taste.


Our Philosophy

We are committed to produce fantastic and unique raw honeys to our community. By prioritising distinct floral sources and regions,  we embrace the diverse flavours and aromas that nature offers. Providing our customers with a sensorial journey through the world of honey. 

Opting with glass packaging aligns with our commitment to preserving the integrity of the raw honey that our bees spend time making. Using glass ensures our honey remains uncontaminated by external elements, this maintains the freshness, flavour and quality of our beautiful honeys. Using glass is the most sustainable packaging to minimise waste, as glass is recyclable and useable. We only use packaging that can be either compostable or recyclable. No plastics. 

Additionally the focus on Raw honey a dedication to sustainable beekeeping practices, ensuring the wellbeing of our bees and the ecosystems they inhabit. 

Beyond the products, our philosophy extends to educating our customers about the benefits of Raw honey. Through storytelling about the floral sources, regions and the unique production methods. Deeper understanding and appreciation of the care in every jar. 

What is Raw Honey...

Raw honey is extracted honey from a hive either by using a centrifuge or a flow hive, and is then bottled without any use of heat or filtration. Busting with its natural flavours from each individual flora, it retains the natural enzymes, antioxidants and nutrients that commercial processing strips away and kills. The nature of raw honey stays in its untouched and unadulterated state, keeping its rich and diverse taste that mirrors the unique flora it originates from. Keeping raw honey in its natural state serves more than just a sweet treat, it is rich in antioxidants, enzymes and nutrients. It acts as a natural energy booster, providing a healthy alternative to sweeteners. It will keep its antibacterial and anti inflammatory properties making it perfect for soothing sore throats, minor wounds, digestive health, aiding in allergies and contributing to a radiant complexion.


Honey is kept by the bees at around 30 to 35ºc within the hive. Once honey temperatures reach more than 37ºc, the honey starts to lose the amazing enzymes the bees add to the nectar to make it honey.

Heating honey changes the molecular structure. When it is extracted, the honey is made up of complex long string sugars, which the body finds hard to break down and thus the honey makes its way to your lower and upper intestine and is broken down by the bacteria. Therefore, raw honey is prebiotic and can be great for your gut health.

How do I make my honey runny again without killing the enzymes?

If your honey is crystallised and you want to make it return to its runny state we suggest to gently heating it. Place your honey jar in the sun, on top of central heating or a sink of warm water. This will allow the top part of your Jar to become soft and usable and will return to a runny consistency without killing the amazing product it is. Your honey will return to a crystallised form again.

Benefits of Raw Honey 

  • Nutrient Rich (natural source of minerals and enzymes)
  • Antioxidant power 
  • Immune system support 
  • Allergy Relief 
  • Throat soothing 
  • Digestive Aid
  • Energy Booster 
  • Antibacterial and Antimicrobial