One Sided Bottle Brush Honey

One Sided Bottle Brush Honey

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A rare honey One sided Bottle Brush.

Colour:  Very dark in colour, thick with a strong fruity fragrance, Raw Honey.

Flavour: strong potent with caramelised attributes with a hint of bitterness in the back palette.

Would go well with Ice cream, Pancakes, waffles or as part of a dressing for pork or chicken.

About the plant: Calothamnus (One sided Bottle Brush) is a genus of more than 40 species, all of which are found in south Western Australia. It is related to Melaleuca(Tea Tree/Manuka) but differs in the arrangement of the anthers on the ends of the stamens. Its closest relatives are other Western Australian genera including Beaufortia, Eremaea and Regelia. All members of the genus have red or reddish flowers; some also have yellow or brown flowers. Most have linear to needle shaped leaves; a few have slightly broader leaves.

C.quadrifidus is known as ‘one-sided-bottlebrush’ because the red, brush-like flowers are on one side of the stem. It is very widespread in Western Australia and includes a good deal of variation.