Medicinal Honey Ratings Explained

Its getting harder to know what your buying when it comes to Medicinal or Active honeys.

It all started with UMF which had rating like 5+ 10+ 20+ 30+ ect.
But now we have MGO and the number look like 200+ 300+ 500+ ect.
So what does it all mean and how do we compare the different rating?

UMF stands for : Unique Manuka Factor

TA : Total Activity

MGO : is measured as methylglyoxal mg/kg (ppm Parts Per Million)

So the rating now are some what confusing, if you stick to TA then 15+ to 30+ have been shown to be the most optimum, anything under 15+, using a great raw Eucalypt honey is just as valuable.

Anything over the 30+ can be seen as over kill and not really much more beneficial.

So compare ratings between UMF(TA+) and MGO… have a calculator which converts UMF and MGO.


100 6

200 8

500 15

1000 22

1600 30 (please note some calculators are limited to 24)

Our Jarrah Honey has a rating tested in New Zealand of 30+.

Jarrah is a Eucalypti and has a GI (glycimic index of 42) this honey tastes great and is significantly cheaper than a New Zealand Manuka Honey.

I hope this helps with your decision making when buying rated Honeys. Keep in mind that all eucalyptus honeys are great for you and in my next blog I will discuss research conducted on these honeys and their pre biotic benefits.