The newest hobby for backyards is beekeeping, what a wonderful thing.

For years Councils wouldn’t allow water tanks, chickens and bees. Two of these being the most important things we could do for our environment.

But keeping bees does come with responsibilities, as bees are a registered animal and must be looked after and managed carefully. I always say to people that it is easier to keep bees than a cat or dog (no walking, feeding or cuddles needed). Bees will look after themselves, however there are time of the year were you need to monitor them and with the onset of the flow hive and many new beekeepers coming on board, learning the correct way to look after your precious bees is very important.

The 3 bees runs courses on a regular basis and we’re starting to put dates of courses on our website. If your interested in owning and looking after your own hive (or just have an interest!), we highly recommend taking part in a course.

Just a heads up, one of the inevitable occurrences when you are a beekeeper is being stung. It is guaranteed that it will happen to you.

Its painful, don’t forget to breath, scratch out the stinger (do not pull out the stinger) and the pain will be relieved. Chances are that you will swell up, this happens gradually and over a week slowly disappears. The positive is, if you allow the reaction to occur naturally, your body will over short time become immune to the sting so you will have little reaction in the future.

The benefits extend past the joy of having your own hive – pollination in your neighbourhood, honey for your family and friends, some wax for use are also bonuses!

Importantly in getting started is to do a course and read a lot of books (library have lots).

Happy beekeeping!