The Zen of Beekeeping

There are many forms of meditation, many cultures use it as part of their lives. I have tried a variety myself, the idea of being able to still your mind, relax, yet stay focused on just one thing and let the world pass you by is very appealing. People pay thousands of dollars to reach […]

Winter and the Bee

I get asked why bees produce Honey and my answer is that bees like bears hibernate through winter and thus they need to have an accessible food source. So they have developed a method of both creating a food that won’t go off and a means to store it. Bees through spring and summer, will […]

The Future of Commercial Beekeepers

The commercial beekeeping fraternity in general is slowly ageing and those commercial beekeepers that are lucky enough to have family that can take over the business are unfortunately in the minority. In the next 10 years or so older beekeepers will come to retirement some by choice others due to ill health, but as this […]

Dying Bees (Part I)

Honey bees unfortunately have a number of diseases and parasites to deal with, not to mention the occasional predator. Bees have been dying around the world and this has sparked an increase in research and discussion about bee health. Could you imagine a world without bees. Food production would plummet. But not just for us […]

Dying Bees (Part II)

There are many theories about the loss of bees, everything from wireless signals, climate, disease, parasites, insecticides and loss of habitat. I think its probably a combination of most of these stressors on the bees. In America bees are dying at some of the highest rates ever recorded—as high as 42% of U.S. bee colonies […]

Toxic Honey

What can one say about a major paper like the Age, which we would expect both good journalism and some integrity in their reporting. Seriously was the editor asleep on the job and did the journalist think what the heck I’ll just make this as controversial as I can, to hell with the truth, it […]

Why Honey Candies (Crystallises)

I go and buy some lovely honey, it’s runny when I take it home and then after a while it starts to go hard, whats that all about? Does my Honey have sugar in it?How do I de-crystallise it? – Microwave?! These questions, all legitimate, have been asked of me many times over the last […]


The newest hobby for backyards is beekeeping, what a wonderful thing. For years Councils wouldn’t allow water tanks, chickens and bees. Two of these being the most important things we could do for our environment. But keeping bees does come with responsibilities, as bees are a registered animal and must be looked after and managed […]

Medicinal Honey Ratings Explained

Its getting harder to know what your buying when it comes to Medicinal or Active honeys. It all started with UMF which had rating like 5+ 10+ 20+ 30+ ect.But now we have MGO and the number look like 200+ 300+ 500+ ect.So what does it all mean and how do we compare the different […]