Bee Pollen Banana Smoothie

Serves oneWhat you need:Whole bananaChoice of milk (we used coconut milk)Half – full teaspoon of bee pollenNutmegCinnamon honeyOther fruit of choice – frozen/fresh berries, passionfruit, mango What to do:Chuck all the ingredients into a blender and blend. Easy!Top with nutmeg and extra pollen to taste.

Jarrah Face Mask

Honey at first can seem like an odd thing to be putting on your face but due to it’s array of beneficial properties it can be helpful for a range of skin problems. Jarrah honey is a high antibacterial, antimicrobial and antioxidant product and contains natural hydrogen peroxide which not only makes it good for […]

Anzac Biscuits

We’re a bit late on the Anzac biscuits bandwagon, but hey they’re good all year round!We replaced all the usual processed sugars found in Anzac biscuits with honey – a perfect substitute, that works so well with the oats and coconut.We decided to use our Sugar Gum honey as it has a lovely sweet flavour […]

Naturally Sweetened, Gluten & Dairy Free Banana Bread

Making an all natural and healthy banana bread can be super easy. We used our vanilla bean honey (to add sweetness) and our cinnamon honey (to add spice) – this also cut down the amount of ingredients needed. We’ve been trialling this recipe for a while now and it ways ends up a bit denser […]

Caremalised Honey Bananas

Caramelised bananas are so easy to make and are a perfect accompaniment to desserts or on their own as a snack. These would be great as a topping for cakes, pavlova, on ice cream (we have a recipe for that coming too!) and even in a sweet sandwich with say, peanut butter or marmalade. Using […]

Honey, What Is It?

Honey: I’m asked quite often what honey is, So I thought I might answer that question. It’s an amazing thing to think that a plant has come up with a way to reward a bee (and other animals) so they will visit it and thus pollinate its flowers. In a flower you will find a […]

Bees Wax

Bees wax has been used by humans for thousands of years in a very large way by the christian religions for candles. But it has been used for casting of metal statues, painting, fabrics, cosmetics and grafting. Wax is made by four pairs of special glands on the underside of a female bees abdomen. Bees […]

What Makes Up a Bee Hive

A natural bee hive that a bee makes tends to be within a hollow of a tree, a chimney, a wall, or sometimes, in the shelter of a tree. These hives are made by the bees using their wax to make the structure of their home. However as beekeepers we also make homes for the […]


Wow! the most important thing a bee does. Without bees our lives would be very different, food would be scarce. It matters little if that bee is a honey bee or a native bee one of the biggest and most important jobs is that of pollination. The best pollinators are honey bees. it is said […]

The Joy and Pain of Beekeeping

Beekeeping like most occupations can be just a hobby with one or two beehives or you could have 1, 2 or 3 thousand bee hives! I started beekeeping with one hive in my back yard. It was a swarm collected by a friend who I meet at the Collingwood children farm. I started off by […]